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summer villain
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summer villain First song is a terrific lil taste of jangly/punky/powerful pop, with a G-for-great scale-climbing guitar break and an on-a-dime finish. Favorite track: mind like a sieve.


6-song EP, coming soon to a store or internet near you...on precious, delicious vinyl! Details to come!


1. mind like a sieve
2. let's electrify!*
3. particle horizon (the dark matter)
all drag songs by b. deily except * by R. Baluyut

1. bicycle
2. fade
3. falling (b. deily)


released July 17, 2013

Ben Deily Lisa Deily Josh Pickering

PRODUCED BY varsity drag and tom “cherry juice” hamilton

RECORDED at Tom’s studio and the Gray Street basement

Ben’s songs c. 2013/p. by Henry’s Confession Music ASCAP


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



varsity drag Boston

Ben Deily and his friends make music, shows and (occasional) tours.

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Track Name: mind like a sieve
MIND LIKE A SIEVE (b. deily)

it’s no use asking me—

I don’t know where I am
and I don’t know how I got this scar, and

I can’t say what came before
and I’m not quite sure where I parked my car,
and I’m wondering…
…who you are…

Count on me—
Don’t count of accuracy—

I’ve always been this way
It’s embarrassing, but there ya go, and

I can’t seem to make it stick,
and I can’t be sure of the things I know
and I wonder…does it show?

And don’t you get it yet?

I’d just as soon forget
all about it now—

And won’t you help me out?

It doesn’t help to shout…
Track Name: particle horizon (the dark matter)
(The Dark Matter)

for Natalie

and shall we gather at the shore
for those not living anymore?
and I remember everyone—
I never gave you what I should
and sorry now won't do no good
...but I am just like everyone...

I keep on swimming for the shore
from 13 billion years before—
there is nowhere to go.
I miss you since you've gone away—
I miss you every single day—
oh I miss you so

the missing mass is everywhere
with too much gravity to spare*
and where's your smile, where's your skin?
I know we put you in the ground—
I know you went without a sound—
'cause all at length are gathered in...**

I see you swimming for the shore
from 13 billion years before
kaleidoscope keeps spinning round
the neurons fire in my head
and when they stop than I'll be dead
then where will we be found?

and though we're not apart
the wormhole in my heart
returns me to the start...

We all are swimming for the shore
from 13 billion years and more:
the particle horizon.
and you have seen the face of God—
Adonai echad! † —
it's you He turns His eyes on...

13 billion years is the estimated age of the universe.

* Refers to the gravitational lensing which implies the existence of “dark matter”
** “And all at length are gathered in.” Quotation from American poet Louise Bogan (1897-1970)
† From the Shema: Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad TRANS: Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One

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