from night owls by varsity drag



animal (for Steinway)

...and so the years went crashing by.
the stars were scattered from the sky.
I should leave well enough alone,
and clutch my heart of skin and bone—
the hand that’s cradling my phone—
I should keep still:
like a shadow; like a small boy—
like an animal...

your ice-blue eyes, your crackpot smiles,
I followed through the dark for miles—
do you remember when you said:
the cat you spoiled, he wound up dead?
and I heard ringing in my head,
and I kept still—
like a shadow; like a small boy—
like an animal...

my dear, I have to go—
you of all people on earth should know—
and now I’ll go to my grave
missing the one I could never save.

the nights you held me in your arms
through sirens, screams and smoke alarms...
with hats, and bags, and magic charms,
and we held on for a while;
for a long time—
for the longest time...

and now we say goodbye—
don’t you dare tell me you don’t know why.
you know I’ll go to my grave
loving the girl I could never save.

the nights I held you in my arms
through sirens, screams, police alarms...
I tried to keep you safe from harm;

I know I failed, my darling.

I let you down,
and saved myself.

I saved myself.

Like an animal.

Like an animal.


from night owls, track released November 15, 2009
ben deily (guitar, vocals, piano)
lisa deily (bass, vocals)
joshua pickering (drums, vocals)

aliah rosenthal played the cello

engineered and produced by tom “still crazy after all these years” hamilton

co-produced by ben deily & varsity drag

all words and music (except where noted) by varsity drag, c. ben deily, p. by henry’s confession music/ASCAP. all rights reserved, pal.


all rights reserved



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